Clayridge Roofing | Chimney Stack Removals
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Chimney Stack Removals

Chimney Repairs in Croydon and South London by Clayridge Roofing

Chimney stacks should be checked regularly for any potential problems. A chimney in poor condition can develop a number of different issues from causing damp in the house below to water ingress to being unstable and a danger to the passing public. In some circumstances it is more economical to remove the chimney stack altogether rather than attempt a repair or commit to regular maintenance. This is especially the case if the fireplaces in a house are unused.

There follows a number of pictures of a recent (2010) chimney stack removal.

The chimney stacks to be removed.    
Each chimney stack is carefully taken down brick by brick.    
Each stacks brickwork is removed until it fits comfortably below the existing roofline.    
Once the stacks have been removed, the roof is strengthened and new tiles installed with the chimney stack vented to the outside wall.