Clayridge Roofing | Loft Extensions
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Loft Extensions

Loft Extensions in Croydon and South London by Clayridge Roofing

A loft extension or conversion is a cost effective way of increasing the living space in your home. Coverting your loft into
a new living space, bedrooms, or bathroom is guaranteed to increase the value and desirabilty of your property.

Although we do not perform loft conversions ourselves, we do undertake flat roof and tiling work on loft conversions both old and new.

If you are interested in a free quotation please call us on 07973 600 558.

The following pictures are taken of the roofing work performed by Clayridge Roofing on a recent loft extension.

New blockwork wall forms the side of the extension.

Once finished the blockwork is covered with waterproof membrane.

To the right in both pictures you can also see tiling battens installed over
the membrane on the rear of the extension.

A detail shot of the rear of the extension with waterproof membrane and tiling battens in postion.

Lead flashing in place, tiles about half way done.

Tiling completed.

The extensions roof marries up neatly with the existing roofline.

The finished extension from the side and rear.